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Curtis York – Property development

The identity does not pigeonhole Curtis York to commercial development, nor limit it to its locality in Melbourne but speak to its brand promise to ‘Engage. Transpire. Transform.’ To differentiate the brand from the market we have designed a new language that deconstruction, rebuilds and overwrites the current visual approach in this space.

Digital Bookclub

Digital Bookclub is an online bookclub  featuring books on graphic design, art, photography, architecture and other visual culture. This experience is run by Bien Studio, but its content is curated by its community.

Ironside – Leading construction

Ironside’s primary objective has always been to build an environment that encourages creativity, rewards hard work and breeds enthusiasm for both the task at hand and the future ahead.

Untold – Property marketing

The team at Untold are here to be the left side of your brain. No one knows your business as well as you do, but it's our job to be as creative as possible, to help your business grow, and to tell your story. With a primary background in the commercial property sector, we have worked with everybody, from the biggest, to the smallest, in every area you can imagine, including fashion, sporting, cryptocurrency, tech and more!

Picnic Stuff – Events and touring

From warehouses, clubs, pubs and bars to The Island, Town Hall and the Sydney Opera House, Picnic has made its mark in every corner of Sydney's underground nightlife. The many-pronged events, touring, curation and consulting company is positioned right on the cutting edge of dance music in the Harbour City, establishing itself as a leading force in the music scene for more than 12 years.

Two Bulls – Passion and practice

Two Bulls solves real problems through our special blend of humanity and expertise. We serve as true partners to the ambitious people and organizations who share in our goal - to create dynamic experiences that turn vision into reality, deliver value to human hands and build for the world of tomorrow.

Hardy Brothers – Jewellers

To celebrate new beginnings, our bridal collection introduces a new commitment to beautiful jewellery that compliments the experience and memory of your wedding day. These bridal pieces have been meticulously designed and crafted for everlasting enjoyment that can be passed on for generations.

Fonzarelli – Australian e-bikes

At Fonzarelli, we’re on a mission to change the way you get from A to B. Lightning acceleration. Zero emission. We’ve built a range of electric two-wheel machines to suit any rider, whether you’re looking for an easy commute or an adrenalin rush, we have the bike for you. We’re Australian riders, innovators and builders. So, why not be a part of the future? Join the Fonz community.

EMVY – Beauty beyond and cosmetics

To coincide with the launch of EMVY’s product range, the label was in need of a new ecommerce website that would showcase the brands products. With products ranging from cremes, lotion’s and soaps emvy aspires to dominate the beauty industry. These supplements are designed to work with your body – not for your body.

Dinergy – Brand strategy specialists

The world is changing, faster than you can imagine… Conventional advertising and marketing is failing to solve the problems arising out of declining brand loyalty, increasing product parity and an ever-rising tide of price-sensitive consumers. Dinergy addresses these issues with conventional marketing by providing clear, powerful and motivational advertising.

Interpreting Form – Integrated furniture

A conceptual website for a product design studio, focusing on strong imagery, smooth interactivity and a colour pallet that let's the work created by Interpreting form speak for itself.

Photography @Gerhardt Kellermann

Arts Space – Boutique arts hub

We’re not your traditional art school. Artspace is for your soul. We are Melbourne's only free-flowing studio for you to get creative, learn and unwind. We run a series of short course classes that change from week to week, giving you the tools to create! Grab a pal and come get artsy!

Photography @Gerhardt Kellermann

Uncommons – Brand beyond campaigns

More than a logo. Beyond campaigns. Through strategic design, innovative thinking and sharp writing, we help shape the next generation of pace-setting brands. Creating cohesive, flexible identity systems that span touchpoints to make a brand not just mark its territory, but defend its space.


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About us
About us

Melbourne based freelance graphic design and digital service agency. We have a particular interest in delivering thought provoking websites and playful interactive experiences.

Our work is typically refined in nature with strong thematic messages, making big ideas as easy as possible to understand. This creative process is catalysed by our understanding of the modern business, who succeed from consistent and clear visual communication.

So, if you're planning a new project? Let’s talk!

Notable clients
Notable Clients


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Behind the scene
Behind the scene

We respect our clients privacy, and as such some of their work remains confidential and sensitive. If you however, would like to dive deeper into how we achieved any of our work, don't hesitate to – drop us a line.

If you'd like to take a deeper dive into our work, we have our resume digitally available here.