Are books becoming obsolete?

Literature is one of humanity’s most powerful forms of creativity and expression. A good book invites us to imagine, it encourages us to believe and it motivates us to improve. Like all great art, it brings to the forefront the human condition and invites us to explore new possibilities.

Whilst we have not forgotten the pleasure of attaining a personalised printed book, efficiency seems to take over our decision making.

The problem

The current climate for printed books faces a number of pressing issues, such as: 

a) the advent of new technologies,
b) the distribution of 'free' information, and
c) the costs incurred with print, delivery and design.

The solution

Well it's simple, think back to the last time you heard the phrase "book club". A book club is a reading group, usually consisting of a number of people who read and talk about books based on a topic or an agreed-upon reading list. It's common for book clubs to choose a specific book to read and discuss at the same time. The brilliance comes from three basic principles:

a) they encourage you to learn,
b) they have an element of routine, and
c) most importantly the experience is shared with others.

Digital Bookclub is an online book sharing experience. Featuring books on graphic design, art, photography, architecture and culture. The bookclub is openly collaborative and inherently decentralised such that members of the club can both see recommendations and submit their own. Digital Bookclub hopes to capture and accelerate the importance of printed books as a fundamental component of the contemporary arts in todays fast paced environment.

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