Distributé was founded from a passion for electronic music. The platform helps connect talented producers, artists and events from around the world. Overtime the platform has evolved and grown to adapt to the changing landscape of the music industry. Yet our ethos has remained the same. Raw dedication to shining light on the passionate people and communities around the world that make electronic the art of music.

The problem

Distributé was born at a time of distress. With growing concerns about the COVID19 pandemic, cities around the world entered extended lockdowns. Amidst the efforts of governments organisations to assist those in worse-off situations due to the new regulations, there was a general sense of angst from the music, arts and events communities.

Although the music scene was slowly migrating into a digital-first sector, many smaller artist were struggling to gain exposure. And although, platforms such as Youtube or Boiler Room TV allowed musician to publicly perform from their 'living rooms', it was still very difficult - especially for local artists who relied on live performances - to find their audience online.

The music community is far reaching. It not only consist of those producing, creating and performing but it's comprised from those listening. At the time, there was a demand for music to be recorded and published online for the general public to enjoy.

The solution
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Digital Design
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